Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a sensitive subject for both men and women – significantly negatively affecting their self-image. By the age of 40, half of the male population suffers from androgenic alopecia (AGA).

The cause of hair loss is mainly associated with genetic and hormonal factors. AGA is the most common type of hair loss, and can be defined as a DHT-dependent process with continuous miniaturization of sensitive hair follicles. As we have mentioned before DHT is the metabolite of testosterone. The conversion of testosterone into DHT is conducted intrafollicularly in the dermal papilla (8). Upon conversion, DHT is present in the surface sebum glands into the skin tissue. Under these circumstances, when a hair is shed, DHT enters the follicle and initiates a chemical reaction that miniaturizes the hair root to follicle.
Therefore a new hair growing will be finer. This process is repeated again until the hair root and follicle are completely miniaturizes.

An unpublished clinical study sponsored by Frutarom, shows the efficacy of flax lignans in fighting hair loss. Positive results are expected at a dose of 250 mg of LinumLife®, containing 50 mg SDG.